Cal Trumann of ReVision Energy installs photovoltaics.

Working Waterfront

The case for solar electricity

Editor's note: Bill Behrens is the founder of ReVision Energy, based in Liberty. Behrens was a guest on the "Common Ground Radio" program on WERU-FM on Sept. 4, where the topics included energy produced by photovoltaic technology, which Behrens' company installs. Homeowners can let the electricity power the building and, if… SEE MORE
Suzanne MacDonald

Working Waterfront

How many lightbulbs does it take?

When your community's electric rates are among the highest in the nation, it pays to consider ways to cut consumption. Work done on Monhegan Island, with help from the Island Institute (publisher of The Working Waterfront), was both simple and effective, and could reduce the island's collective annual electric bill… SEE MORE
The members of the Edgecomb Community Solar Farm Association with their ground array. Another array is mounted on the barn behind them.

Working Waterfront

Maine’s first community solar farm signals trend

Lynne and Christopher Gilbert of Bristol had long been interested in solar power. Unfortunately, a solar array wouldn’t have worked on their roof, since it’s not the best angle for the sun and there are many trees around it. Last summer, they were at a meeting of the Midcoast Green… SEE MORE