Since its founding in 1983, Island Institute has had a deep and genuine passion for supporting the people of Maine’s island and coastal communities. The unique challenges these remote communities face require creative and innovative solutions. We’re proud to have been a part of these stories of impact.

Chipman's Wharf

Chipman's Wharf in Milbridge was swept away by the January 10 storm. Faced with rebuilding, the family-owned business sought support from Island Institute.

Thurston's Lobster Pound

This Bass Harbor business was impacted by storm surge on January 10. Island Institute awarded them a grant to help them purchase lumber for dock repairs.

Fifield Lobster Co

Based in Stonington, Travis and Christina Fifield received support from Island Institute when they applied for a grant to repair their dock after the January storms.

Jes Stevens

Island Institute Fellow Alumnus, Jes Stevens moved to Monhegan in 2000. She has stayed on the island since her fellowship and raised a family there.

Mike Felton

Island Institute Fellow Alumnus, Mike Felton worked with the Vinalhaven School during his fellowship and has since cultivated a career in education.

Molly Siegel

Island Institute Fellow Alumnus, Molly Siegel took what she learned from her fellowship and applied it to her career working on climate issues in Maine.

Sam & Emma

This couple is finding new ways to sustain Maine’s fishing industry through innovation, hard work, and commitment to a way of life.

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