Jennifer Seavey, Ph. D.

Chief Programs Officer

Laura England

Content Marketing Specialist
Susie Arnold

Susie Arnold, Ph.D.

Senior Ocean Scientist, Director, Center for Climate and Community

Nick Battista

Chief Policy Officer

Sam Belknap

Director, Center for Marine Economy

Sue Bernier

Chief Philanthropy Officer

Amber Blum

Associate Community Development Officer

Grace Carrier

Brooklin Fellow

Lavinia Clarke

Machias Fellow

Alice Cockerham

Hancock County Fellow

Brenna Cohen

Community Development Officer

Julia Cole

Philanthropy Advocate

Jamie Cook

Senior Community Development Officer, Clean Energy

Brianna Cunliffe

Mount Desert Island Fellow

Bill Farkas

Philanthropy Advocate

Jeff Frank

Senior Community Development Officer

Sam Feldman

Community Development Officer

Tom Groening

Editor - The Working Waterfront and Island Journal

Julia Gardullo

Executive Administrative Assistant

Kim Hamilton


Susan Haversat

HR Specialist

Olivia Jolley

Swan's Island

Morgan Karns

Mount Desert Island & Outer Islands Fellow

Kate Klibansky

Community Development Officer

Peter King

Budget Manager

Richard Knox

Chief Marketing Officer

Alex Kravitz

Director of Program Impact and Glenn Fund

Liv Lenfestey

Islesboro Fellow

Katie Liberman

Columbia Falls Fellow

Ginny Lindsey

Finance Manager

Jackie Little

HR Director

Rob Lord

Building Operations Coordinator

Michele Marks

Philanthropy Advocate

Lisa Millette

Community Development Officer

Lia Morris

Community Development Officer

Lisa Mossel

Archipelago Director

Imogen Moxhay

Membership Coordinator

Claire Oxford

North Haven Fellow

Candy Perry

Database Coordinator

Emma Perry

Grants and Events Associate

Sharon Pieniak

Graphic Designer

Peter Rand

Chief Financial Officer

Abby Roche

Community Development Officer

Renny Sabina

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Laura Shields-Haas

Director of Philanthropy

Ken Stevenson

Community Development Officer

Jack Sullivan

Multimedia Storyteller

Kate Tagai

Director, Center for Sustainable Communities

Yvonne Thomas

Senior Community Development Officer

Christa Thorpe

Community Development Officer

Sam Vail

Grant Writer

Stephanie Welch

Public Policy Director

Dwane Wight

IT Specialist

Aimee Wohlforth

Program Operations Manager

Tabitha Woodbury

Finance Associate

Kaylin Wu

Vinalhaven Fellow

Alex Zipparo

Community Development Officer