Building climate resilience through mitigation, adaptation, and hope

With more than a decade of experience addressing climate issues, Island Institute is leading the way in helping communities build resilience in the face of rising seas, warming waters and ocean acidification. The work we do with communities is fully collaborative– by working together and leveraging knowledge and experience, as well as a deep passion for Maine’s islands and coastal communities, we’re building models of climate solutions that can be used to help address issues throughout Maine and beyond.

As part of the Maine Climate Council, our state’s leading climate action initiative, Island Institute is fully engaged in helping the state take action on climate change and ensuring that needs and concerns of some of Maine’s smallest and most remote communities remain at the forefront.

Clean Energy

Building on a history of helping island communities and households in their weatherization and community energy projects, we're exploring energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities as one critical path to increasing climate and economic resilience along Maine's working waterfronts and our coast.

Sea Level Rise

Island and coastal communities are on the front line of climate change and its impacts. Sea level rise poses a significant threat to homes, businesses, infrastructure, and economies along our coast. We're working with local leaders to improve their resilience to sea level rise and other impacts from climate change.

Ocean Acidfication

With a heavy economic reliance on organisms that build shells, changes to water chemistry pose a significant threat to the future viability of our coast. Through our research and leadership efforts, we're working to ensure communities are better prepared for ocean acidification and the challenges it presents.