When Island Institute was founded 40 years ago, we made a commitment to protect and sustain the island communities of Maine. Over the years, our mission has expanded to include the coastal communities that, for some of us, are home. For others, the Maine coast is a place of deep, personal connection. Whatever your connection, we thank you for being a member and one of our biggest champions.

Your support helps us protect our working waterfronts, educate new generations of young people, and adapt to climate change. Your generosity fuels the vitality in our communities. Thank you.

A Bounty 40 Years in the Making

Over four decades, Island Institute has honed a simple approach that works: listen carefully, deliver what you promise, and be the best at what you do.

Save Maine's Working Waterfront

Less than 20 miles of Maine's 5,000 miles of coastline remain as working waterfronts. Thanks to our members and donors, we can save Maine’s working waterfronts.

Support Maine's Fishing Families

Thanks to our members and donors, Island Institute is able to shift our work to support Maine's lobster fishing families at a time of unprecedented change.

Working Together to Lift All Boats

We are excited to announce three new programs that empower the people who power Maine’s working waterfront. Together, we can lift all boats.

Electrify Maine's Working Waterfront

We're taking on a big challenge: electrify Maine’s working waterfront. With your help, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen Maine’s marine economy.