Learn how Island Institute supported Krista Tripp to start an oyster farming business, and realize her dream of powering the business with clean energy.

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Enduring Impact: Krista Tripp of Aphrodite Oysters

Krista Tripp of Aphrodite Oysters on the Weskeag River in South Thomaston, Maine.

In 2018, South Thomaston lobsterwoman, Krista Tripp decided to bolster her business by diversifying into farming oysters. Krista turned to Island Institute to help get started in aquaculture. She enrolled in our aquaculture business development program and learned the core elements of the trade by attending training courses, networking with industry leaders, and studying the ins-and-outs of shellfish farming. Today, Krista’s business, Aphrodite Oysters employs several full-time employees, and her oysters are found on the menus of oyster bars all around the state of Maine.

The Institute’s support for Aphrodite Oysters endures. This year, Island Institute awarded Krista a grant to help fund a solar array for her onshore facility. Following the grant, our staff helped her acquire additional government funding for the project—drastically reducing the direct cost to her business. Now Krista can count on sustainable and affordable energy for her operations: one less worry for her business, one more step towards decarbonizing Maine’s marine economy—win-win! With your help, we empower entrepreneurs like Krista through training, financial aid, and technical assistance, driving smart innovations in Maine’s marine economy.

“Having an oyster business powered by clean energy has been a dream of mine. Island Institute was with me every step of the way and gave me the tools, knowledge and resources I needed to make it happen.” – Krista Tripp

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Today, the threats facing the islands and coastal communities so important to Maine are greater than ever before. Warming ocean temperatures are disrupting our fishing industry, sea level rise threatens coastal infrastructure, housing costs are skyrocketing, and our iconic lobster industry is under pressure. These challenges are testing the strength of these vital communities.

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