Creating a diversified, climate-forward marine economy

Maine’s marine economy depends on a healthy Gulf of Maine and a vibrant working waterfront that sustains Maine’s fishing industry. Island Institute is working with island and coastal communities to create sustainable, climate-forward solutions that leverage existing strengths and prepare for future change in our marine sector.

Working Waterfront Protection

The Working Waterfront is made up of the infrastructure and access points that connect the ocean to the economy. We work to protect these critical places.

Climate-forward Marine Economy ​

By investing in clean marine energy solutions, we are helping forward-looking marine business compete while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Seafood

The Gulf of Maine is home to delicious and high-quality seafood. From lobster to sea veggies, we provide support to Maine's fishermen and aquaculturists.

The Future of Lobster​

In response to shifting regulations in the lobster fishery, we are collaborating with scientists, policymakers, community leaders, and industry experts to address the challenge.

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Funding to diversify Maine’s island and coastal economies