Together we thrive

Inclusion, equity and diversity are essential, integrated strategies to achieve justice in all of the programmatic work of Island Institute. It is a fundamental piece of how we, as an organization, work internally and advance our strategic priorities.


We envision a future where Maine’s island and coastal communities lead as examples of inclusion and equity; where diversity is welcomed, respected, and celebrated.


Island Institute will embrace inclusion, equity, and diversity as essential strategies toward fulfilling our mission and building just communities.

We commit to:

  • Allocating resources to advance conversations, understanding, and action around inclusion, equity, diversity, and justice.
  • Developing strategic partnerships to build the capacity of those working to support a more inclusive Maine.
  • Amplifying marginalized voices in our events and communications.
  • Providing educational resources and opportunities around inclusion, equity, diversity, and justice for our staff and constituents.
  • Modeling equitable internal practices.


In support of our commitment toward realizing a more inclusive and equitable workplace, the Island Institute has invited staff to decide whether or not to include personal pronouns on official email signatures and Zoom names. This invitation aligns with the Institute’s desire to build and maintain a welcoming culture of acceptance, non-judgement, and safety for all staff, whether they choose to share pronouns or not.

For more information on pronoun use at the Island Institute, please refer to our Island Institute Pronouns FAQ.

To learn more about the Island Institute’s Inclusion & Equity work, contact Yvonne Thomas, senior community development officer, at