Helping Maine’s island and coastal communities thrive.

It takes innovative, collaborative, and multi-faceted strategies to best support the year-round island and working waterfront communities of Maine. Our programs and priorities address the unique challenges of these special places, and recognize that everything in the region—human and environmental—is connected.

Marine Economy

Maine’s marine economy depends on a healthy Gulf of Maine and a vibrant working waterfront that sustains Maine’s fishing industry. Island Institute is working with island and coastal communities to create sustainable, climate-forward solutions that leverage existing strengths and prepare for future change in our marine sector.


Climate Solutions

With more than a decade of experience addressing climate issues, the Island Institute is leading the way in helping communities build resilience in the face of rising seas, warming waters and ocean acidification. The work we do with communities is fully collaborative– by working together and leveraging knowledge and experience, as well as a deep passion for Maine’s islands and coastal communities, we’re building models of climate solutions that can be used to help address issues throughout Maine and beyond.


Sustainable Communities

To support Maine’s island and coastal communities addressing rapid change on multiple fronts, we work collaboratively on a variety of projects, from our Island Institute Fellows program, to grants and scholarships, to advocating for local and state policies. By connecting individuals and businesses with placed-based tools, solutions, and people ready to lend a hand, we are helping island and coastal regions create vibrant and sustainable futures.