Artist rendering of floating wind turbines.

Working Waterfront

Wind turbines banned in state waters

Gov. Janet Mills has signed into law LD 1619 which prohibits new offshore wind projects in state waters. The prohibition preserves state waters for recreation and fishing—where up to 75 percent of Maine’s commercial lobster harvesting occurs—and cements into law its priority of locating wind projects in federal waters in… SEE MORE
he Islesboro Central School today. PHOTO: ANNE McKEE

Working Waterfront

Not alone: The haunting of Islesboro

Editor’s note: This story first appeared in The Working Waterfront in 2003. It also is included in a collection of Oldham’s stories, Getting Here from There: Life Stories from a Maine Island Community (2020). Perhaps due to their remoteness and resultant romantic allure, islands possess an air of mystery that’s… SEE MORE