Working Waterfront

Living with others

Around mid-day on Friday, Aug. 15, 1986, while excavating on the shore of Carver’s Pond, a gravestone—in one piece and undamaged—was unearthed from a very unlikely spot, only a few feet from the shore, certainly far from the nearest cemetery. The stone was cleaned up and carefully set aside. It… SEE MORE
The Union Congregational Church on Isle au Haut. FILE PHOTO: TOM GROENING

Working Waterfront

An island church history

The Union Congregational Church on Isle au Haut was founded in 1857 and built by island residents on a hill overlooking the village and thoroughfare. The Rev. Joshua Eaton was the first pastor, and there were seven original members, five of them named Turner. [caption id="attachment_28835" align="alignleft" width="400"] The Union… SEE MORE