Boats high and dry in Winter Harbor.

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Coastal Maine: A sense of place

Before Maine, the Midwest was home for 30 years. It is again, now overlooking Minnesota farmland, not the Maine coast’s dark skies. Each vista, Midwest and Downeast, stunning in its own way. Throughout those 20 years, seventh-generation Downeast neighbors would inevitably ask why in the world People From Away move… SEE MORE
A postcard depicts Charles Nungesser and Francoise Coli, who some believe may have been the first to fly across the Atlantic.

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Historic flight still shrouded in mystery

The disappearance 94 years ago in May of the White Bird biplane and its two pilots—possibly in Washington County—remains an unsolved mystery of aviation history. The plane's two French pilots may have been the first to fly nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean, less than two weeks before Charles Lindbergh's famous… SEE MORE

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We asked, you answered

I didn’t coin the phrase, but I wholeheartedly endorse its wisdom: If you’re not having fun editing a newspaper, you’re doing it wrong. It’s been great fun for me to edit The Working Waterfront these last seven-plus years. One of the joys, after working at weekly and daily newspapers, is that, as… SEE MORE