The Marsh Cove Lobster Pound.

Working Waterfront

‘Things ain’t right’

On the surface, Jon Keller’s novel Of Sea and Cloud is a beautifully rendered story of a small Downeast fishing village losing its traditional way of life.  Keller worked as a sternman aboard the South Wind, Oscar Look Jr.’s boat out of South Addison for two years. He learned well… SEE MORE

Working Waterfront

The wonderful warmth of wood

Twenty years ago, late on a Saturday afternoon after I'd spent the day dumping firewood into the basement, you might have heard me proclaim: "Wood heat's great, but man, I don't want to be 50 and still doing all this work." Yeah, you guessed it. I'm 56 and still doing… SEE MORE
Chebeague Island beach house.

Working Waterfront

Chebeague Island and the tides of time

    What thou lovest well remains,                                                  the rest is dross                             – Ezra Pound, Canto LXXXI In the blue distance of inner Casco Bay, the smokestacks of the Cousins Island power plant could be seen poking into the sky. This was in 1980, looking northeast from the… SEE MORE