Josh Rowan and Erin Desmond are restoring Hindu in Thomaston.

Working Waterfront

Restoring Hindu

[caption id="attachment_24228" align="alignnone" width="700"] Josh Rowan and Erin Desmond. PHOTO: KELLI PARK[/caption] What could be better than a vessel that encapsulates the timelessness of a love story, the enchantment of a fairy tale, and the mystical allure of a legend? Well, how about one with the spirit of Maine in… SEE MORE
Civil War quilt

Working Waterfront

A history of Maine, wrapped in a warm quilt

Quilting has been a favorite pastime in Maine for centuries, first to provide warm coverings on cold winter nights, then rapidly evolving into a popular hobby for individuals and community groups. Women (and sometimes men) gathered for quilting bees to work on projects. Quilting bees also provided opportunities for socialization… SEE MORE