Josh Rowan and Erin Desmond are restoring Hindu in Thomaston.

Working Waterfront

Restoring Hindu

[caption id="attachment_24228" align="alignnone" width="700"] Josh Rowan and Erin Desmond. PHOTO: KELLI PARK[/caption] What could be better than a vessel that encapsulates the timelessness of a love story, the enchantment of a fairy tale, and the mystical allure of a legend? Well, how about one with the spirit of Maine in… SEE MORE
Civil War quilt

Working Waterfront

A history of Maine, wrapped in a warm quilt

Quilting has been a favorite pastime in Maine for centuries, first to provide warm coverings on cold winter nights, then rapidly evolving into a popular hobby for individuals and community groups. Women (and sometimes men) gathered for quilting bees to work on projects. Quilting bees also provided opportunities for socialization… SEE MORE
The family

Working Waterfront

Putting down retail roots on Islesboro

[caption id="attachment_23893" align="alignleft" width="200"] The family in front of the Island Market. PHOTO: COURTESY MARIANNE PURDY[/caption] Sky and Marianne Purdy met while hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2007, and for six seasons, both worked at a lodge in Denali National Park in Alaska at the end of the park’s single… SEE MORE