“Studio Still Life Tremont Avenue Bronx, NY” (1962) 35 x 48 inches, gift of the Ashley Bryan Center.

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Ashley Bryan’s ‘Beauty in Return’ at Farnsworth

  [caption id="attachment_32028" align="alignleft" width="400"] “Family Gathering, Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY” (1962) 48-inches by 48-inches, gift of the Ashley Bryan Center.[/caption]   The exhibition “Ashley Bryan: Beauty in Return” is now on display in the Farnsworth Art Museum’s Rothschild Gallery in Rockland through Dec. 31. The show recognizes the work… SEE MORE
Some of the cars featured at the Seal Cove Auto Museum would have been seen on the roads of Mount Desert Island in the early 20th century, much to the consternation of some residents. From left: 1912 Ford Model T, 1904 Knox, 1915 FRP, and 1910 Pierce Arrow. PHOTO: COURTESY SEAL COVE AUTO MUSEUM

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Wiz chariots and sunken Broncos

“It's nothing but a big picnic ground for 'Elks,' and 'Spiritualists,' and 'Holy Ghosters.' The whole island is full of campers from Skowhegan, Bucksport, Rockland, and Ellsworth, that don't do nothin' but sit in front of their tents, eat bananas and read the Sunday papers.” —Arthur Train Mount Desert Island… SEE MORE
David Wilson

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North Haven library plans upgrades

The North Haven town library nestles into the corner of Main Street and Mullins Lane. It features 2,500 titles, an excellent children’s and young adult collection, an airy reading room, and an exciting series of summer events highlighting authors with a North Haven connection. The library also is used as… SEE MORE