Members of the Passamaquoddy nation gather at a tribal ceremony. FILE PHOTO: LESLIE BOWMAN

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Maine’s not-so-clean history on race

Early in his presentation, Todd Little-Sebold shows a photo of a Ku Klux Klan gathering in 1926 that drew about 30,000. Mississippi? Georgia? Nope. Portland, Maine. The photo often prompts the question, “You mean the Klan was active in progressive, hip Portland?” he said. “And the answer is yes.” A… SEE MORE
Maurice Freedman (1904-1985), Stonington Pier, 1954, oil on canvas, 30 by 40 inches. Courtesy Greenhut Galleries.

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Maurice Freedman’s Stonington pier

The town of Stonington’s fish pier has a Facebook page. In addition to informational posts, the page features photos of the pier and its surroundings taken by visitors. There are views down Main Street, a shot of William Muir’s monument to local stonecutters, and a study of colorful lobster buoys.… SEE MORE

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Housing commission recommends statewide policies

A commission studying affordable housing in Maine had a narrow focus—how local zoning and land use rules could be changed to create more housing. But one of its recommendations would cut to the core of how cities and towns currently function by pushing municipalities toward state standards. The “home rule”… SEE MORE