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When jobs have deadly consequences

Mill Town: Reckoning with What Remains Kerri Arsenault (2020) Review by Tina Cohen Mill Town, with no specific location in its title, could refer to a lot of places. Here it refers to Rumford, where Arsenault grew up in the adjacent town of Mexico, across the Androscoggin River from the… SEE MORE
Susan Corbett

Working Waterfront

‘Digital equity’ opens internet for seniors

Les Stanwood is 80 years old and lives in Addison. Although he’s retired, he remains active in his community, serving on the board of a local health agency. The National Digital Equity Center is Machias may be contacted by calling 207-259-5010. Like many people confronted by the pandemic early on,… SEE MORE

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A star is born on North Haven

It was Amanda’s idea. She had seen the star on Mount Battie and thought North Haven should have one, too. North Haven is going all out decorating the island to cheer everybody up in this long time of COVID fatigue, she thought. Wouldn’t it be great to have a bright… SEE MORE