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Chebeague Cares

Many island elders need help with daily tasks but aren’t ready to leave their homes. For example, they can get up from a chair by themselves or with the help of one person, but need assistance to bathe or cook three meals a day. They may not need to move to an assisted living home,… Read more » SEE MORE

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Bulk purchase of LED bulbs

Residents of Monhegan rely on diesel generators to produce electricity for their island. As a result, ratepayers on the island pay some of the highest electricity rates in the nation, at $0.70/kWh. Residents asked an Island Institute Fellow, Ben Algeo, to help them analyze and reduce their energy consumption. Ben followed the same process on… Read more » SEE MORE

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Monhegan’s special hunt

Lyme disease was not identified until 1975 in Lyme, Connecticut, and it wasn’t until 1987 that Lyme disease was identified in Maine. Before the 1980s, you couldn’t even find ticks in the Pine Tree State. In 1989, however, the first case of Lyme on Monhegan Island was diagnosed. What made Monhegan such an odd case… Read more » SEE MORE

Yvonne Thomas

In her role as Senior Community Development Officer, Yvonne serves as the strategic lead for the Remote Community Support team, working closely with island schools and businesses to promote resilience and strengthen networks to address the unique challenges and opportunities that island communities face. As strategic lead for the Workforce Pathways team, she provides leadership… Read more » SEE MORE
A crew member and passenger walk off the ferry to Islesboro.

Working Waterfront

Ferry service seeks do-over

By Tom Groening With the election of Gov. Janet Mills in November and the formation of a new administration, the Maine State Ferry Service will revisit the rates and fees it adopted last spring. But citing an ongoing lawsuit and mandated rulemaking timelines, a new rate structure could be proposed by the end of March.… Read more » SEE MORE