Island Institute is pleased to offer the Electric Boat Course— a collaboration between Island Institute, Kennebec Valley Community College, Mid-Coast School of Technology, Maine Electric Boat Company, and Bayside Marine.

The course is divided into two levels with Level 1 – Electric Boat Motor: Foundations available on our website and Level 2 – Introduction to Electric Boat Motor Maintenance and Repair expected to launch in the Summer of 2024.

Please see below for more information on each course, and to begin Level 1. Questions? Please contact

Level 1 – Electric Boat motor: Foundations

Requirements: This course is intended for a general audience, ages 15 and up. No prior marine engine experience needed, just a desire to learn about electric boats.

Description: This course provides an introduction to electric boats to help the general public with little to no prior knowledge gain an understanding of the benefits of electric boats and potential career opportunities in the sector. See full course syllabus here.

This online course takes approximately 90 minutes and must be completed in a single sitting— please plan accordingly. If the browser window is closed or reloaded, you will lose your place and must restart the course. For the best experience, we recommended using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop device.

Successful completion of the course, which includes a short quiz at the end, will result in a digital badge awarded through Kennebec Valley Community College and the Maine Community College System.


Level 2 – Introduction to electric boat motor mainenance and repair

Requirements: Participants will fill out a short application indicating their interest and experience in the field of boat maintenance and repair and are required to complete our Level 1 – Electric Boat Motor: Foundations course.

Description:This course will provide participants a foundational understanding of the key concepts needed to do routine maintenance and repairs on electric boat motors. It will be a hands-on, in-person, boot camp-style intensive training over the course of several days that will expand on and apply the theory and principles of electrical theory and electric propulsion fundamentals, and is designed primarily for boat yard technicians and people already in the field of boat maintenance and repair.

We except to launch Level 2 in the summer of 2024. Please stay tuned for additional information on Level 2 coursework and how to enroll.