A Few of Our Favorite Things: Wellness & Self-Care in the New Year

As we enter a new year, we know that many people are making resolutions around their personal health and well-being for the months ahead. So, in this edition of “Our Favorite Things” with Luke’s Lobster, we’re highlighting a few small businesses and organizations focused on helping us feel well and be well—ranging from island-made skincare and teas… Read more »

A Few of Our Favorite Things:
Empowering Youth through STEM

Today’s youth and our future generations play a huge role in the viability and sustainability of our communities—both here on the coast of Maine and beyond. In our next installment of “A Few of Our Favorite Things” with Luke’s Lobster, we’re highlighting three amazing organizations that are using science, technology, engineering, and math—or STEM—to help us…

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Businesses Doing Better

In our next installment of “A Few of Our Favorite Things” with Luke’s Lobster, we’re featuring some wonderful for-profit businesses in Maine that are doing good things for our coast and our communities. From the working waterfront to manufacturing and maple syrup, each of these businesses represent a piece of who we are and some of the… Read more »

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Gifts that Support the Coast

This week, we’re once again teaming up with Luke’s Lobster to share some of our favorite things about Maine with you. Maine’s pristine coastlines, harbors, and working waterfronts are part of both our state’s character and economy. We depend on the ocean for its resources and the inspiration and opportunity it provides artists, visitors, local… Read more »

Maine’s climate action plan—one year later

What do 40,000 heat pumps, 5,577 electric vehicles, and 2,043 homes weatherized all have in common? If you guessed that they are all highlights from a year of climate action in Maine, you guessed right! December 1, 2021, marked the one-year anniversary of the release of Maine Won’t Wait, the State of Maine’s groundbreaking climate… Read more »

Maine’s working waterfronts need our help

It seemed like a no more than a week would go by and we would be at it again; handling calls or emails from individuals, businesses, and communities about the critical challenges facing Maine’s iconic working waterfronts. We knew the themes well enough: skyrocketing real estate prices creating increased pressures to sell and uncertainty for… Read more »

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Giving Tuesday 2021

This year on Giving Tuesday, in collaboration with our friends at Luke’s Lobster, we’re reigniting our series, “A Few of Our Favorite Things,” highlighting the organizations, people, and places that we cherish—both here in Maine and beyond. To kick it off, we’re featuring four Maine nonprofits we admire, whose missions are focused on inclusion, trust,… Read more »

Different Bays, Similar Spirit

I first discovered Jay Fleming back in 2017 shortly after I became the Island Institute’s multimedia storyteller. My research led me to a contemporary counterpart who has been doing similar work for many years in the Chesapeake Bay region where the fisheries are centered on a different (but equally delicious) crustacean, the blue crab.

A lifeline for island communities

Whether you live on an island in one of the Great Lakes or off of the coast of Maine, the commute to and from your community is over water. However, ferry, water taxi, and air services provide more than just transportation to and from island communities. They act as emergency medical transportation, provide school and extracurricular transportation, and deliver mail and other essential freight such as groceries and prescriptions.

Islands are Rising

Throughout our nearly 40-year history, the Island Institute has often played a role to help connect Maine’s island communities to other, similarly situated communities in the U.S. and beyond. By participating in networks, learning exchanges, and even research publications, we’ve seen the value in helping Mainers expand their networks and even build their confidence as leaders by providing an avenue for them to share the stories of their hard work.