Island Students, Teachers, and Families Connect

The Inter-Island Event is a grass roots outer-island tradition that has taken place nearly every fall since the 1980s in which the children of Maine’s outer island schools convene on a host island for an opportunity to expand their social networks and connect with kids from other island communities. The schools that participate in the Inter-Island event have some of the smallest student populations—in fact, the children on most of these islands can count their classmates on one hand.

More people have moved to Maine’s remote islands in the last decade

The population of Maine’s offshore islands, which incurred steady declines in the decades after World War II and still face myriad challenges in sustaining their year-round communities, jumped by nearly 8 percent between 2010 and 2020. There are roughly a dozen offshore islands in Maine, reachable only by plane or boat, that have towns with… Read more »