A beach at Naskeag Harbor in Brooklin.

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Maine beach monitoring program to lose EPA funding

With summer fast approaching, Mainers and visitors are already flocking to the state's beaches. But how clean is the water, and is it safe for swimming? According to a 2014 report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Maine ranked 27th on a list of 30 coastal states for water… SEE MORE

Working Waterfront

Arctic holds shipping opportunities for Maine

  Receding ice in the Arctic is the dramatic, even shocking result of climate change, climatologists say. But despite what may be understood as environmental catastrophe, open waters in the previously ice-bound region present opportunity. Those opportunities include new shipping lanes, oil and gas exploration and even tourism. This year,… SEE MORE
Fishermen head back to Bass Harbor after a day hauling traps.

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Fishing—a risky business

Fishermen face two realities on the water. There's the potential for accidents that could result in death, injury or vessel loss. Then there's the sheer pain many live with every day, a result of the bodily stresses they endure doing this hard work. Hazardous working conditions, strenuous labor, long work… SEE MORE