Edsel Ford’s custom built 1934 Luxus

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The Acadia auto wars

The centennial of the founding of Acadia National Park being celebrated this year has presented an occasion for a diverse array of reflections on the history of Mount Desert Island. By way of a terrifically engaging installation, which will be on view for the next two years, the Seal Cove… SEE MORE
Bernd Heinrich talks birds

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When art met science

Sometime back in January, Maine Audubon announced that the renowned entomologist, ultra-marathoner, University of Vermont emeritus biology professor and acclaimed author Bernd Heinrich would be speaking about “the nexus of art and science” at its Field Pond Center in Holden. A few weeks later, a follow-up email arrived: due to… SEE MORE

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Mussels have a nose for good homes

For people looking to settle down, a location's odor can be a factor in whether they stay or go. Turns out the same is true for mussel larvae. Mussel larvae swim toward odors from adult mussels, and swim away from odors from predators, including green crabs and dog whelks, says Scott… SEE MORE