Kaitlyn Mullen at the College of the Atlantic dock.

Working Waterfront

Mullen links ferry with research in Frenchman Bay

A new type of ferry linking Winter Harbor and Bar Harbor that’s also a research platform was established by a woman of many roles. Kaitlyn Mullen is a prominent marine mammal observer, world traveler, doctor of ocean engineering, tour operation manager and captain and professional singer/songwriter. Mullen is also something… SEE MORE

Working Waterfront

Hail the mighty halibut!

The story of Atlantic halibut, the giant among New England groundfish, is similar to the story of cod: it once lived in vast numbers off our shores and after centuries of fishing its population is now a tiny fraction of what it once was. But unlike cod, the halibut’s story… SEE MORE
A view of Belfast's tug boats from the harbor walkway.

Working Waterfront

Stand-off on Belfast’s waterfront illustrates new dynamics

The Island Institute launched this newspaper over 20 years ago in part to highlight the importance of Maine’s working waterfronts. Those properties, from which marine harvesting and other water-dependent businesses operate, were suddenly threatened by commercial and residential development. The most visible example of that threat came when condominiums were… SEE MORE