The interior part of an air-source heat pump includes a fan that blows across the heated coils.

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Heat pumps harvest warmth from cold air

Heating efficiency experts will tell you the best bucks you can spend on your home are those that keep the heat you've already paid for inside a little longer. Air sealing in the basement and around the chimney and installing plastic window inserts and caulking around the outside frames are… SEE MORE
Cal Trumann of ReVision Energy installs photovoltaics.

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The case for solar electricity

Editor's note: Bill Behrens is the founder of ReVision Energy, based in Liberty. Behrens was a guest on the "Common Ground Radio" program on WERU-FM on Sept. 4, where the topics included energy produced by photovoltaic technology, which Behrens' company installs. Homeowners can let the electricity power the building and, if… SEE MORE
An artist's depiction of what the redevelopment of the Portland Co. site will look like.

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Portland’s waterfront clash a familiar struggle

The tension between communities seeking to keep their waterfronts economically viable and the residents who want to preserve their views is one that is happening all over the world, say national development experts. “I think that’s an inherent tension that won’t ever go away,” said Jon Golinger, a San Francisco-based… SEE MORE