Lora Whelan

Working Waterfront

Telecommuting lets transplants be ‘Eastported’

Coleman Brice, an information technology consultant in New Jersey, visited a friend in Eastport a dozen or so years ago. “I was blown away by the intellectual climate, the creative arts culture, the working waterfront, and the beauty and natural ruggedness,” he remembers. Five years ago, Brice and his wife… SEE MORE
Prof. Gayle Kraus

Working Waterfront

UMaine Machias students grows her own coral

Coral reefs make up less than 1 percent of the ocean floor, yet they provide shelter for as much as a quarter of sea life. “They’re a huge keystone ecosystem for the ocean,” explains Clair Aldrich, a senior at the University of Maine at Machias. “They’re so important.” So important—especially… SEE MORE
Edward French

Working Waterfront

Quoddy Tides chronicles maritime community

The Quoddy Tides bills itself as the “Most Easterly Newspaper Published in the United States.” That’s neither an idle boast nor an irrelevant fact. As editor and publisher Edward French chats with me about the paper’s history and role at its office on the Eastport waterfront, he glances out the… SEE MORE