Hear from Maine artists and makers as they share their unique stories, their personal journeys, and the things that inspire them in their work.

Dylan Metrano

Dylan Metrano, a multi-talented artist and co-founder of La Nef Chocolate, shares how he masterfully blends papercutting, chocolate making, and music into an inspiring and creative concoction.

Gail Miller

Gail Miller creates upcycled scrap metal jewelry—in copper, brass, and nickel—inspired by Maine's coast and islands. From lobsters, lighthouses, and seagulls to farm animals and other classic designs, her pieces reflect an understated charm that's both beautiful and accessible. A one-woman show, she often spends seven days a week in her shop working the press to cut out the shapes for her earrings, pins, barrettes, and pendants.

Hélène Farrar

Known for her paintings of Maine's trees, flowers, and birds, Hélène Farrar's work features a strong connection to place, the seasons, and the environment around her. For the past 20 years, she has made her living teaching and producing art, inspired by the mountainous regions of Sugarloaf and Farmington where she grew up hiking and the area around her Manchester studio and gallery.

Archipelago Artist Profile: Alison Thibault

Alison Thibault

In celebration of Archipelago’s 20+ years of supporting Maine artists and makers, we share this story of a maker from Vinalhaven, whose community extends far beyond the island itself. Through her one-woman business WindHorse Arts, Alison Thibault, creates beautiful glass jewelry that attracts customers from near and far and connects them to the Maine island.

Archipelago Artist Profile: Basil Cake

Basil Cake

Part of our ongoing series of Archipelago artist profiles, this profile looks at one of Archipelago’s artists, Basil Cake, who has been featured in the store and gallery since it opened. In early March, before Governor Mills issued a statewide lockdown, the Island Institute’s Lisa Millette traveled to the home of Maine artist Basil Cake and his wife Mia...

Joe and Mary Devenney

Joe and Mary Devenney

Having lived in midcoast Maine for more than 40 years, it is quite possible that you know Joe and Mary Devenney, full-time artists living in Jefferson. Maybe you had Mary as your art teacher or saw Joe’s name credited for a photograph in a New England magazine. Or perhaps, you haven’t met them in person, but you have a sense of them through their...

Susan Beebe

Susan Beebe

If you spend enough time in Rockland, Maine, you may have seen a woman of medium stature walking up and down Main Street, tending the pollinator garden by the harbor, or sipping a cappuccino at Rock City Coffee. She is artist, gardener, educator, and Rockland resident, Susan Beebe. This past winter, I asked Susan if I could interview her at her...

Christina Vincent

Christina Vincent

Raised in Auburn, Christina came to North Haven through her husband. While building their island home, she began to create small pieces of furniture out of salvageable wood. After taking classes at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, she soon set upon the path from carpenter to woodworker.

Studio Visit: Zach Smith

With the Downeast Rainbow Alliance’s Pop-up Pride Festival in Summer 2020 as the background, this video in the Eastport Art Center's Studio Visit series, follows Zach Smith’s transformation into drag queen Sandy River, the much-loved lead singer of the band Beach Trash.

'Life in Washington County' Project

As a way to get creative and make collaborative art during the pandemic the Island Institute's Eastport Fellow Mark Macey produced the 'Life in Washington County' Project. Enjoy digging into these short vignettes from the artists and makers of Washington County.

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