• Donna Damon
    April 27

    At the end of June, Donna Damon, 65, will retire from Greely High School in Cumberland, where she works in a classroom helping students deemed average to above-average achieve their full academic potential. She also will step down from serving as selectman on Chebeague Island.

    Community Development, Education

  • fighting fire
    April 17

    These firefighters must overcome their discomfort, though, because a fire roars in the galley of the training ship State of Maine. At least, it does in theory.


  • raising wall image
    March 16

    Work is underway to build headers and cut lumber to make studs, part of a volunteer effort to construct a Habitat for Humanity house.

    While most will picture a group of adults doing the work, for past nine years, it's been students at Mount Desert Island High School enthusiastically providing the labor. The students have enrolled in a semester-long Habitat for Humanity class to build walls for homes in Hancock County.

    Economic Development, Education

  • Eastern Maine Skippers Program
    March 13

    Tracking salmon, sturgeon, and great whites from lobster traps and buoys may soon be possible. Researchers have talked about their success deploying acoustic receivers for fish, marine mammal and shark tags in lobster traps and on buoys. The receivers pick up a distinct acoustic signal if the tag (and the animal wearing it) pass within 400 meters.

  • Michael Young.
    March 9

    Maine Maritime Academy has hired Michael Young of Ellsworth, a 1977 MMA graduate and previous instructor at the college to develop courses and programs to prepare students for jobs in offshore industries.

    Education, Energy, Marine

  • Vinalhaven, North Haven
    March 9

    High school basketball is an essential part of island winters. Many times the stands are filled with people representing four generations, some of whom don't even have family on the team. The community becomes very invested in their teams and sometimes that can lead to conflict, hence the hesitation from many people I told about wanting to be a part of the basketball team.

    Community Development, Education

  • March 2

    Island schools have varying numbers of students of all different ages, making "traditional" activities and games challenging. A new PE project attempts to address varying needs while working to provide another avenue to strengthen the ties between the six schools involved with the Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative.

    Media, Education

  • February 23

    Almost 70 organizations were there to recruit for summer jobs and internships, perhaps a sign that the economy is rebounding.

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  • Stonington houses
    February 19

    A class isn't about handing a student a thick binder, online or otherwise, of lessons and assessments; it requires the teacher delivering and teach the material. The main task of creating an online class involves substituting this time-tested and highly effective method of delivering content.

    Community Development