The Working Waterfront presents a video series about Maine island people and the interesting lives they lead.



Keep The Light Shining

Two women take on an amitious swim in order to raise money to repair Isle Au Haut's iconic and aging light house. 



The Umbrella Cover Museum

Celebrate the mundane is the motto of this peculiar museum located on Peaks Island. Hear from Nancy 3 Hoffman about her collection and her subsequent Guiness World Record.

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56th Annual Frenchboro Lobster Dinner

Ever since 1961, the community of Frenchboro has held a lobster dinner to raise money for the church and the community.

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Going to School by Ferry

Kids from Long Island have a morning routine that is vastly different from their mainland classmates.



A Day at Islesford Boatworks

A community program on Islesford teaches kids practical skills while connecting them to the history of the island. 



Frenchboro Chili Cookoff

A friendly discussion about chili leads to a elaborate competitive community event.



One Morning at the Cliff Island School

The Cliff Island School in Casco Bay has four students, ages 5 to 9. And one room. 

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Matinicus Pizza Delivery

Many residents of Matinicus fly to and from the island. Their tools, supplies, and groceries also come by air. And so does their pizza! 

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Pastor Tom Powell

Tom Powell is the Cranberry Isles' first on-island minister since 1951. And he's doing his best to bring a little something for everyone to church services on Great Cranberry and Islesford. 

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Foggy Meadows Farm

We visit North Haven where farmers Sam and Doreen Cabot introduce us to their home and livelihood: raising Boer goats and Katahdin sheep with compassion.

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