The Earth seen from space.

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Geography: it’s all about relationships

By Meghan Grabill Geography. Sigh, right? Sitting in that classroom back in sixth grade, memorizing the names of states and the capitals of countries around the world. Boring! But knowing place names is only a small part of what geography is about. Location is the underlying principle of geography and… SEE MORE

Working Waterfront

Shellfish gets a closer look at fishermen’s forum

By Susie Arnold The first day of the annual Maine Fishermen's Forum, held in early March, is traditionally "Shellfish Day," focusing on Maine's bivalve fisheries. Presentations covering wild harvested bivalves and farmed shellfish yielded valuable insights. By commercial license numbers, the soft-shell clam is the state’s second largest fishery, following… SEE MORE
Leatherback turtle.

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Picking up the migratory cues

By Allison Carmen Before moving to the Northeast, I spent part of my undergrad training as a National Association of Underwater Instructors research diver. When we weren’t on assignment counting nurse sharks or sea bass deep in the Catalina kelp forests, my scuba friends and I could be found finning… SEE MORE