This map depicts the Wabanaki homeland in the 19th century.

Working Waterfront

For the Wabanaki, home has no walls

In August 1857, Penobscot Indian Joseph Polis paddled down the Penobscot River with Henry David Thoreau. Polis had been helping Thoreau visit the Maine woods during the previous two weeks. Now coming into sight of Old Town Island, or present-day Indian Island, the seat of the Penobscot tribal government, Thoreau… SEE MORE
Dave Morrison

Working Waterfront

Homing in on Dave Morrison

New York City just didn't agree with Dave Morrison. The music scene was a clutter of competition and costs he hadn't encountered playing nightclub circuits in New England. Living arrangements were expensive. Waiting tables at the Hard Rock Café was less than satisfying. Transportation was awkward, especially lugging around guitars… SEE MORE