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E.B. White was indeed ‘Some Writer’

E.B. White was a writer’s writer. He wrote poetry, columns for magazines like The New Yorker and Harper’s—essays, really, and in a style that remains in vogue 70 years later—and, of course, children’s books like Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web. He literally wrote the book on writing, too, building on… SEE MORE
Prof. Gayle Kraus

Working Waterfront

UMaine Machias students grows her own coral

Coral reefs make up less than 1 percent of the ocean floor, yet they provide shelter for as much as a quarter of sea life. “They’re a huge keystone ecosystem for the ocean,” explains Clair Aldrich, a senior at the University of Maine at Machias. “They’re so important.” So important—especially… SEE MORE

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Harpswell charter school tells digital stories

For students at Harpswell Coastal Academy, it’s all digital, all the time. From filming interviews with fishermen and their families, to editing and recording soundtracks, students at this public charter school use digital media technology to meet educational standards and capture stories in their community. The program was launched in… SEE MORE