David Vickery in his Cushing studio.

Working Waterfront

David Vickery visits Olson Wharf

In an Instagram post in early June, painter David Vickery shared a recent painting, “Flag Buoys, Olson Wharf,” accompanied by this cursory description: “Down at the end of my road, where there’s usually something interesting.” Vickery lives on a lane off Hathorne Point Road in Cushing, a quarter mile from… SEE MORE

Working Waterfront

The wonders of Maine life

In August 1973, our family arrived in Maine for a one-week vacation on Pemaquid Pond outside Damariscotta. The following year we arrived for two weeks, and then steadily we accumulated more weeks and years until something about Maine felt like home. I was 13 the bicentennial summer in 1976 and… SEE MORE