The Hesper and Luther Little, circa 1945, near Wiscasset’s town landing. PHOTO: COURTESY MAINE MARITIME MUSEUM

Working Waterfront

Maine’s lost fixtures: The Wiscasset schooners

For more than 60 years, the four-mast schooners Hesper and Luther Little lay abandoned in the Sheepscot River. Better known as the “Wiscasset Schooners,” they served as an iconic landmark to millions of passersby travelling on Maine’s coastal Route 1. The sight of these schooners charmed the masses, stirring visions… SEE MORE

Working Waterfront

Going deep on Russian lit

Monkey: A Russian Novel By Agnes Bushell; Littoral Books, 2022 Review by Dana Wilde Agnes Bushell’s latest novel Monkey is in some ways a very conventional and in other ways a very peculiar book. We’ll get to the peculiarity in a moment (note the subtitle, “A Russian Novel”), but meanwhile… SEE MORE