The Portland Steam Packet Company’s coastal passenger steamers Forest City, operating for the 1882 season. PHOTO: MAINE MARITIME MUSEUM

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Coastal steamers were gateway to Maine woods

The crossing of the Piscataqua River Bridge on I-95 or the aerial descent over Portland Harbor to the jetport signify arrival in Maine for most present-day visitors to Vacationland. Before the development of automobiles, highway systems, and commercial airlines, coastal steamers were the primary mode of travel for visitors from… SEE MORE

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Casting line, casting words

Tributaries: Essays from Woods and Waters By Ryan Brod; Islandport Press (2023) Years ago I had a friend who liked to fish. Actually, it went way beyond “liking.” He was obsessed with it. He hounded me to go with him. He recited dreams he had of plodding around in marshes… SEE MORE

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In hot water, in a good way

Hot Springs: Photos and Stories of How the World Soaks, Swims, and Slows Down By Greta Rybus (Ten Speed Press, 2024) Greta Rybus, photographer and author of the new book Hot Springs, introduces readers to some stunning places that are dedicated to allowing people to enjoy the benefits of immersion… SEE MORE