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Pondering the poverty question

I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in a small ranch house on a quarter-acre of land in suburban New York. When I was ten, my parents doubled the size of the house with a first-floor addition. “Poor people” were those who lived on the other side of a two-lane… SEE MORE
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Working Waterfront

The ‘solastalgia’ of pandemic life

Pete and Alice in Maine By Caitline Shetterly, HarperCollins (2023) REVIEW BY CARL LITTLE The pandemic interrupted the lives of many families, including the foursome that take center stage in Caitlin Shetterly’s first novel, Pete and Alice in Maine. The title’s couple and their daughters, Sophie, 11, and Iris, 5,… SEE MORE

Working Waterfront

Island crime, battled with humor

Lobsters Without Borders (2022) Don’t Touch My Cocktail! (2023) By Carol Chen Carol Chen, a Camden resident, is debuting as a mystery writer with two books out now, Lobsters Without Borders and Don’t Touch My Cocktail. Both feature “Jane Roberts,” a novice public safety officer working in a small island… SEE MORE