McDonald holds one of her daughters while on a friend's boat in Stonington harbor.

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The lobstering legislator

PHOTOS BY MICHELE STAPLETON Near the end of our conversation, Genevieve McDonald drops a bit of a bombshell by saying she is applying for law school and hopes to begin classes in the fall of 2022. This comes after she has described her work as a state legislator, her work… SEE MORE
RivGen system

Working Waterfront

Maine-based hydropower innovator lands capital

Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC), a developer of renewable power systems that harness energy from free-flowing rivers and tidal currents, announced that it has secured a $20 million investment commitment with an additional $5 million coming in the fall. The investment comes from a consortium led by Canadian Shield Capital in… SEE MORE

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Why we must let salt marshes ‘breathe’

Salt marshes comprise more than 22,000 acres, or 34 square miles, in Maine. These ecosystems provide myriad ecological and climate services, such as habitat for wildlife, including endangered species, buffering of coastal flooding, and carbon sequestration. But, if you aren't a bird enthusiast, waterbird hunter, or a marsh ecologist, you… SEE MORE