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Native peoples should inform land use policy

Indigenous peoples should be part of land use decisions, asserts Darren Ranco, a University of Maine associate professor of anthropology and citizen of Penobscot Nation. “We have to be at the table,” he says. “When indigenous people are on the land and making decisions about land management, biodiversity increases.” An… SEE MORE
Susan Corbett

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‘Digital equity’ opens internet for seniors

Les Stanwood is 80 years old and lives in Addison. Although he’s retired, he remains active in his community, serving on the board of a local health agency. The National Digital Equity Center is Machias may be contacted by calling 207-259-5010. Like many people confronted by the pandemic early on,… SEE MORE

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A new, old-fashioned way to serve school lunch

Lincoln Academy students who purchase lunch will now eat it out of what are known as “tiffin” containers. Tiffins are reusable stainless-steel lunchboxes that can be washed and sanitized every day which will significantly reduce schools packaging costs as well as plastic waste. Most schools use disposable plastic containers—thousands of… SEE MORE