A street scene in Eastport.

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Traveling journalists find ‘ingenious’ local initiatives

[caption id="attachment_26991" align="alignnone" width="500"] Deb and Jim Fallows[/caption] Despite today’s fraught political discourse at the national level, local communities are finding ways to connect and find common solutions and work toward renewed innovation, compromise, and optimism. That was the message from James and Deborah Fallows, journalists and authors of the… SEE MORE
RivGen system

Working Waterfront

Maine-based hydropower innovator lands capital

Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC), a developer of renewable power systems that harness energy from free-flowing rivers and tidal currents, announced that it has secured a $20 million investment commitment with an additional $5 million coming in the fall. The investment comes from a consortium led by Canadian Shield Capital in… SEE MORE