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Weather forecasting now tailored to islands

NWS seeks island-based observers

Nikki Becker
Posted 2016-03-09
Last Modified 2016-03-09

The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Gray has launched a new forecast product that focuses on Maine’s islands and necks from Casco Bay to Penobscot Bay. The information is part of the recreational forecast already produced for the higher summits across Maine and New Hampshire.

The NWS in Gray wanted a more representative product for the unique climate of the islands and necks along the coast not captured by the county-based zone forecasts. This recreational forecast will also play on NOAA weather radio, giving easier access beyond the internet.

The Island Recreational Forecast will be issued twice daily, at 4 a.m. and 4 p.m., and will be updated as needed. This 36-hour forecast includes the basic elements of sky coverage, weather type, winds and temperatures.

There are four groupings of islands:

  • islands of Casco Bay
  • islands and necks of the Midcoast
  • islands of Penobscot Bay
  • offshore islands of Monhegan, Matinicus and Criehaven

The forecasts will be available on the NWS Gray website, and via NOAA weather radio on the Falmouth (162.550 mhz) and Dresden (162.475 mhz) transmitters.    Islanders may also get a more detailed forecast for their location through the point and click forecast available on the internet at

The weather service also wants to expand its spotter and volunteer weather observer networks over the islands and necks. Anyone interested in weather reporting should contact the author. 

Nikki Becker is the observing program leader for the National Weather Service in Gray and can be contacted at: