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Letters to the editor: Arts, memory, and enthusiasm

Posted 2022-11-01
Last Modified 2022-11-01

Arts Downeast

To the editor:

Thank you for the Field Notes column by Lisa Mossel on Passamaquoddy Bay communities (“Eastport, Lubec banking on the arts,” The Working Waterfront’s September issue). Your column is a touchpoint of the necessity of the arts in our lives: encouraging creativity, stimulating, and a meeting place of people, hearts, and minds in this world of today that needs unifying forces while allowing for individual expression.
Hats off to Lisa for your fine work as director of Archipelago. I also always enjoy Tom Groening’s articles.
The Island Institute is an invaluable institution to the state and is an excellent example of people working together to make waterfront communities understood by the rest of the public.

Julie Lindquist
South Thomaston

Memory jog

To the editor:

I’m a long time reader of the Bangor Daily News and have enjoyed the inclusion of The Working Waterfront every month.
The item in the September issue from Elizabeth Hutz ,“Tales of a schooner,” caught my eye. She mentions her sail on the Mary Day years ago and “the lady from California in the starboard berth.” That was me! What a delightful memory jog. It made me jump to sending a note to hopefully reconnect after many years.
Thank you for the good work in each issue.

Marge Sheridan

‘Happy enthusiasm’

To the editor:

The photo of Gov. Janet Mills with Phil Crossman at the piano in September’s The Working Waterfront is a fine depiction of happy enthusiasm—a pleasure for your readers.
Thank you.

Loretta MacKinnon

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