The approach to the Fox Islands Thorofare. FILE PHOTO: TOM GROENING

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Mariners call for navigational aid maintenance

Lighthouses and buoys aren’t the only navigational aids on which mariners rely for safe transit. Structures known as day shapes or beacons, often built on ledges, also warn boaters away from danger, and some mariners have complained that as they deteriorate, the Coast Guard is failing to maintain them. Rep.… SEE MORE
Patty Zimmerman of Peaks Island transports three children from the Mabuie of Mozambique. Several Peaks Island families have taken young people who are recent immigrants from African countries, now living in Portland, into their homes for short- and long-term visits.

Working Waterfront

Peaks Island families welcome New Mainers

[caption id="attachment_38497" align="alignnone" width="700"] From left, Edlazio Antonio, Rita Mena, and Isaac Rodriguez.[/caption] Islanders are no strangers to helping their neighbors. But residents of one Casco Bay island have been going above and beyond by opening their doors to newcomers. Families on Peaks Island have been welcoming New Mainers—recent immigrants—into… SEE MORE
Monhegan School, 1972

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Monhegan school reunion

[caption id="attachment_38468" align="alignnone" width="780"] Monhegan School, 1972[/caption] In 1972, the student body of the Monhegan School posed for a photograph. In that image (above) are, from left: Ruth Ives (standing); back row from left: Kelani Cundy (seated), Lisa Dickson, Louisa Boehmer (Wickerd), Donna Cundy, Kris Boehmer, and Zoe Zanadakis (seated);… SEE MORE