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Slavery’s ties to New England

Like many of us, I learned in school about the trade triangle based on the shipping of enslaved people from Africa to the West Indies—rum, sugar, and salt going from the West Indies to North America and Europe, and luxury goods, tools, and household items carried to white plantation owners,… SEE MORE
Francis Hamabe, Boat Yard, ca. 1960, watercolor and silkscreen on paper, 18 by 24 inches. Collection of Ellen Best and Geoffrey Anthony.

Working Waterfront

Francis Hamabe’s boat yard

In a 1965 article in the Newark (NJ) Sunday News, Francis Hamabe explained his attraction to his adopted home to the north and east. “Maine is like I thought Sweden would be,” Hamabe told the reporter, while the Penobscot Bay area was “very much like where my father lived in… SEE MORE