Rockweed on the shore at low tide. FILE PHOTO: TOM GROENING

Working Waterfront

Rockweed harvesting is sustainable

Contrary to a recent article in this newspaper (“Illegal rockweed harvesting threatens environment,” November issue), rockweed harvesting is an environmentally sustainable practice that is crucial to the future of Maine’s working waterfront. The article took a surprisingly sour view of the industry, overstating the number of bad actors and instances… SEE MORE
A busy working waterfront scene on Islesford. PHOTO: JACK SULLIVAN

Working Waterfront

Collins offers working waterfront bill

U.S. Sens. Susan Collins and Jack Reed have introduced the Working Waterfront Preservation Act. This bipartisan bill would help preserve access for fishermen and maritime workers to the waterfronts in coastal communities, supporting the commercial fishing, aquaculture, boatbuilding, and for-hire recreational fishing industries that are so vital to the culture,… SEE MORE

Working Waterfront

Blue crabs on the rise in Maine waters

[caption id="attachment_38937" align="alignleft" width="300"] After trapping blue crabs in the New Meadows River, Manomet’s Jessie Batchelder tags the crustaceans before releasing them. PHOTO: COURTESY MANOMET[/caption] Blue crabs are expanding their range into the warming waters of the Gulf of Maine, raising questions about their long-term impact on other marine species… SEE MORE