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The Island Institute works to sustain Maine's island and remote coastal communities, and exchanges ideas and experiences to further the sustainability of communities here and elsewhere.  

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Our members number in the thousands and live all over the world, but have one thing in common: a commitment to supporting Maine’s island and remote coastal communities, and developing solutions to shared challenges that will sustain communities in Maine and beyond. Join us!

The Working Waterfront

News of Maine's Coast and Islands

  • Port Clyde wharf
    April 22

    St. George, a peninsula town known for its recreational and commercial boating, has 125 miles of saltwater shoreline. But just 200 feet of that are in public ownership.

    That's why the town's harbormaser, Dave Schmanska, believes purchasing a shorefront parcel in Port Clyde makes sense.

  • lobster boat lighthouse
    April 17

    Lucas Lemoine, the 33-year-old scallop fisherman from Swan's Island charged earlier this year with multiple violations of marine resources laws, has had all of his commercial fishing licenses permanently revoked as a result of a history of violations that goes back almost two decades.

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  • produce photo
    April 17

    Apparently Seattle is fining people who toss food waste instead of composting it. It's about darn time.

    Community Development