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The Island Institute works to sustain Maine's island and coastal communities, and exchanges ideas and experiences to further the sustainability of communities here and elsewhere.  

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Our members number in the thousands and live all over the world, but have one thing in common: a commitment to supporting Maine’s island and coastal communities, and developing solutions to shared challenges that will sustain communities in Maine and beyond. Join us!

The Working Waterfront

News of Maine's Coast and Islands

  • Gulf of Maine watershed
    January 16

    “The ocean is the climate’s heart and circulatory system. Warming is a stress on the heart,” Aimee Bonnanno of the New England Aquarium told a crowd of 345 people, mostly scientists, who had gathered to try to understand the future of the Gulf of Maine in a hotter climate.

  • Production still from The Lighthouse (2019) and Captain January (1936)
    January 16

    Disney worked with state government to send two fawns to Hollywood so Bambi animators could study their movements.

  • The Pleasant River
    January 15

    He’d talk about catching smelts as a child, back when the train came through Columbia Falls, and they’d pack the fish end-for-end in wooden boxes…