If something is important to you, you should care for it

If something is important to you, you should care for it.

As I sit down to write about the Island Institute and the Maine Island Trail Association, this is the statement that comes to mind. In many ways, this idea embodies both organizations and Maine’s coast more broadly.

Island Institute’s free summer lecture series returns to Rockland in July

For the third year in a row, the Island Institute will host its annual Summer Lecture Series, a free lecture series focusing on the Maine coast. Speakers including authors, scientists, community members, and other experts will discuss life along Maine’s waterfront and offer their perspectives, reflections, and insights on everything from art and aquaculture to modern-day challenges and connections.

Guest blog: Putting Maine sea greens on local menus with Seaweed Week

Maine has food festivals dedicated to the clam, oyster, salmon, lobster—even the lobster roll. Don’t you think it’s time that seaweed got its own? Seaweed can hold its own tastewise, it’s packed with a wide array of minerals and vitamins, farmed seaweed is a zero-input crop—plus, Maine is leading the nation in the number of kelp farms, which support shellfish growers, lobstermen, and others on the working waterfront. There’s a lot to celebrate, and that’s why Josh Rogers created Seaweed Week.

Archipelago opens winter gallery show for Festival of Lights Celebration November 23 in Rockland

ROCKLAND—Join Archipelago to celebrate the quiet light of winter in Maine with the reception for its new gallery show on Friday, November 23rd. The show, which includes paintings, carved wall pieces, prints, ceramics, wood folk carvings, and more from a variety of Maine artists will run through the winter.