Chebeague Cares

Many island elders need help with daily tasks but aren’t ready to leave their homes. For example, they can get up from a chair by themselves or with the help of one person, but need assistance to bathe or cook three meals a day. They may not need to move to an assisted living home,… Read more »

North Haven Outreach Worker

Aging islanders often don’t need full-time help, but when traveling to the mainland for a medical appointment or cleaning their house, an extra set of hands makes it easier and safer. When elders are still fairly mobile they often have a hard time admitting they need help, especially if they have to pay for it.… Read more »

Vinalhaven service list

As the largest island in Maine, Vinalhaven lacks neither a sizeable ageing population nor a variety of services. However, many Vinalhaven elders didn’t know whom to call to get their lawn mowed or get a ride to the grocery store. To bridge the gap, a group of volunteers created and distributed a list of available… Read more »

RurAL CAP’s Energy Wise Program

All rural areas face some level of remoteness, but Alaska’s experience of remote greatly differs from that of Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire. Many Alaskan villages are accessible only by plane or boat which often makes transport remarkably expensive, adding costs to goods and services including heating fuel, weatherization materials, and contractors. As a result,… Read more »

Weatherization weeks

Many Maine island homes are old, drafty, and hard to heat during the cold winter. Reducing drafts, improving insulation, and making other small changes can reduce heating bills by hundreds of dollars per year. However, paying for an energy efficiency contractor to make a multi-day trip to weatherize an island or remote coastal home is… Read more »

Efficiency Maine Home Energy Savings Program and Affordable Heat Initiative

Efficiency Maine, the statewide administrator for energy efficiency programs in Maine, has been working to lower the barriers to energy efficiency for Mainers through creative and innovative program designs. Through its Home Energy Savings Program and Affordable Heat Initiative, Efficiency Maine provides rebates and loans to encourage Maine residents to make their homes more energy efficient. These programs… Read more »

Matinicus Volunteer Community Recycling Program

Matinicus Island had a junk car problem as well as a trash problem: old cars were rusting where owners left them in the woods and on the roadsides. Trash washed up on beaches, and the two biggest recent island structure fires were caused by out-of-control trash fires. In 2002, Eva Murray decided Matinicus needed a… Read more »

Island Institute Fellows Program

Since 1999, the Island Institute Fellows Program has provided a unique opportunity for recent college or grad school graduates to apply their skills and experience to help build sustainability within communities whose way of life and identity face a myriad of challenges. Fellows can often be used as an organizing force for broad ideas when… Read more »

Peaks Island Transfer Station

As part of the city of Portland, Peaks Island provides weekly curbside trash pick-up and built a transfer station in 2001 to compact and transport waste from the 1,000 homes on the island. Its $597,050 (2017 fiscal year) operational budget, which covers personnel, barge transportation, electricity and water, among other expenses, is paid for by… Read more »

Vinalhaven Transfer Station

In 1996, Vinalhaven decided to close its landfill and convert its waste management system to an on-island transfer station that would gather, compact, sort, and export solid waste from the 1,300 year-round residents, a population that, at a minimum, triples during July and August.   HOW IT WORKS Residents can dispose of household waste and… Read more »