Bass Harbor, Maine
March 24, 2021

Giving fishermen and scientists a seat at the table

For 15 years, the Fishermen's Climate Roundtables have brought key groups together to discuss challenges facing Maine's fisheries

My favorite work event of the year just happened. It was the Fishermen’s Climate Roundtables. Fishermen’s Climate Roundtables is an annual opportunity for fishermen and scientists to come together and share notes about the past fishing year, as well as the longer-term environmental changes they are noticing on the water. For me, a marine scientist, there is nothing more intellectually interesting than conversing with a group of fishermen. Fishermen often see changes on the water before scientists. For them, sharing their real-time, on-the-water perspective can inform the direction of applied…
Susie Arnold, Ph.D.
March 18, 2021

The impact of Maine's creative economy

How art and creativity influence our lives, our businesses, and our communities

In more ways than one, it has been A YEAR. It has been a year since we cancelled the 2020 Artists & Makers Conference, and a year since life changed…
Lisa Mossel Vietze, Archipelago
March 11, 2021

Building federal support for island communities

With intentionally designed policies and programs, islands can make practical progress on energy challenges and inspire communities everywhere

Energy can be expensive and unreliable for island communities everywhere. Through our work over the last decade and our collaborations with communities in Maine, New England, and across the globe,…
Suzanne MacDonald | Nick Battista
March 8, 2021

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Celebrating International Women's Day

Along with our friends at Luke’s Lobster, we wanted to celebrate International Women's Day by highlighting a few of the courageous, talented, and smart women who are making huge contributions to our oceans and our planet every day.
Island Institute
February 26, 2021

Working together to solve Maine’s broadband challenges

The importance of State leadership in closing our digital divide

As we know all too well, high-speed internet is extremely important to daily life—from remote work and education to assuring that government can continue to function. The State of Maine, through the ConnectMaine Authority, plays an important role in helping to close the digital divide.
Nick Battista
February 11, 2021

Now is the time to 'Reimagine Education'—but how?

Community Learning for ME offers resources and forums for educators

During these unprecedented times, Island Institute Community Development Officer & Education Specialist Yvonne Thomas and other members of the Community Learning for ME (CL4ME) team are working to reimagine education in Maine.
Yvonne Thomas
January 28, 2021

Archipelago Artist Profile: Basil Cake

In early March, before Governor Mills issued a statewide lockdown, the Island Institute’s Lisa Millette traveled to the home of Maine artist Basil Cake and his wife Mia, to learn more about his work, life, and inspiration.
Lisa Millette
January 25, 2021

Legislative Update: Winter 2021

2021 started with our country, and our government, facing some significant challenges and issues of importance: the spread and increase in cases of COVID-19, rioting at the Capitol, and unprecedented…
Nick Battista
January 21, 2021

Young leaders can make a difference

Young Leaders Series seeks to empower local youth and provide them with the tools to create positive change

As we began to talk about hosting a leadership training for young people, I kept thinking about something former Mount Desert Island High School student Thomas Korsanje said to me…
Kate Tagai
January 15, 2021

Conscious capitalism

The Benefits of B Corps and Embracing the "Stakeholder Theory."

We’ve come a long way since 1970, when economist Milton Friedman told the world that companies have no responsibility to society or to the planet, only to increase profits for…
Ben Conniff, Luke's Lobster