June 9, 2021

Broadband and (nontraditional) education

One of the critical benefits of having a good connection is access to education—and not just for kids

In 2020, more than 14,000 Mainers participated in academic and workforce training through Maine Adult Education. They are Maine’s future: people who are overcoming barriers to employment and learning new skills they’ll need to access post-secondary education and training. Adult education is their avenue to that first job, or the next better job. And COVID-19 threw another enormous obstacle in the way.
Maggie Drummond-Bahl, Maine Community Foundation
June 8, 2021

Celebrating World Oceans Day: Life and Livelihoods

What does the ocean mean to those whose lives are connected to the sea?

At the Island Institute, we’re proud to collaborate with leaders across the coast to build resiliency and create opportunities that help to ensure our marine economies remain vibrant. “The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods” is the theme for World Oceans Day 2021, so we and our partners at Luke’s Lobster asked members of our community whose livelihoods depend on the ocean to share a little bit about their work, their connection to the sea, and the ways they’re working to create a more sustainable coast.
Island Institute and Luke's Lobster
June 3, 2021

Legislative Update: Spring 2021

We work collaboratively with communities to tackle challenges and build resiliency. While this often means spending time in the places where we live and work, it also means focusing on what’s happening further inland at the State House. This has been a busy legislative session so far with multiple bills and issues affecting our coast. In our latest policy update, we highlight some of the key issues we’re watching, what they mean for our communities, and the work that’s been done so far.
Nick Battista
June 2, 2021

Technology, older adults, and the story of resilience

When the pandemic hit, it was hard to ignore the depth of the digital divide in Maine. We worried about school children and adults unable to work from home, because broadband access was not available or affordable. At the National Digital Equity Center, we worried about the many older adults who were already isolated and lonely being left behind without a way to safely connect with the world. Did our older adults have the resilience to brave this new-to-them world?
National Digital Equity Center and The Opportunity Alliance
May 26, 2021

Broadband and cyclical poverty in Maine

Why eliminating food insecurity and expanding broadband access should be our top priorities

Here in Maine, an estimated 85,000 households do not have access to broadband internet of any kind because it is not available where they live. Not all of these 85,000 households are in poverty, but most of them are. Without computers, the skills to use them, and access to reliable broadband internet, these households face more significant challenges to break their cycle of poverty.
Jim Darroch, Good Shepherd Food Bank
May 18, 2021

Like a boat without oars: Championing equitable internet access in Maine

Access to reliable high-speed internet in Maine has been an issue from the first day that the first Mainer was provided an internet connection and their neighbor was not. So, how does it affect our ability to sustain ourselves and to thrive—now and post-pandemic—if we are unable to afford the subscription cost or equipment required to connect?
Kendra Jo Grindle | Bria White
April 22, 2021

Celebrating Earth Day with Luke's Lobster

Our collaborative climate action work is rooted in the resiliency and sustainability of the Maine coast

This Earth Day, we’re celebrating the important strides we’ve taken in a partnership rooted in the resiliency and sustainability of the coast of Maine. Hear from Ben Conniff, co-founder and chief innovation officer at Luke’s Lobster, on the work that is being done to address climate change and support coastal communities.
Ben Conniff, Luke's Lobster
April 19, 2021

Celebrate the planet, eat kelp

Powerhouse sea vegetable has the ability to provide nature-based solutions to climate change

With Earth Day around the corner, I would like to highlight a nascent industry on the Maine coast that is not only a boon for Maine’s marine economy, but is also good for the Earth. Kelp farming has emerged as a solid way for those making a living from the sea to earn supplemental income during the winter kelp growing season.
Susie Arnold, Ph.D.
April 16, 2021

Building a lifelong connection to service and Maine

Maine Service Fellows program will help address unmet needs for rural communities and provide opportunities for next generation of Mainers

At the Island Institute, we have seen firsthand the tremendous impact Island Fellows have when partnered with an island or coastal community. The Maine Fellows Service is an exciting opportunity to connect the next generation of Mainers who are eager to serve to the places they’re needed most.
Nick Battista
April 8, 2021

A story of resilience

In my 25+ years working in nonprofits and philanthropy, I have been a part of creating more than my fair share of annual reports. You might even say that I’m…
Sue Bernier