September 22, 2022

Lobster has a low carbon footprint compared with other proteins

Results from study with Luke's Lobster will inform climate action
In spring 2021, we undertook a carbon footprint study with the Maine-based seafood company and partner of the Island Institute, Luke’s Lobster. As two organizations who care deeply about the long-term sustainability of Maine’s fisheries and responding to climate change, we set out to do this work with the consulting firm Council Fire. This is the first time a study has measured the greenhouse gas emissions along one company’s supply chain of Gulf of Maine lobster. This type of assessment not only advances a leader in the sustainable seafood industry…
Emma Wendt, Island Institute Community Development Officer
September 9, 2022

Island Institute Responds to Monterey Bay Aquarium

A Rebuke to "Red Listing" of Sustainable Maine Fishery
Island Institute does not support the recent decision by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch to “Red List” the U.S. lobster fishery. They are wrong about our fishery, and we encourage…
July 29, 2022

Innovators Gather at National Working Waterfront Network’s Conference

Island Institute joins partners in Boston to explore new ways to preserve and protect our working coast
The 6th biannual National Working Waterfront Network’s Conference kicked off in Boston this past week! As one of the event sponsors, the Island Institute was proud to attend and represent…
Molly Miller
July 27, 2022

Energy Upgrade

Island Institute will assist new communuties selected for program to increase energy resilience
The cost and reliability of energy is a real concern for communities across the country. With skyrocketing gas and oil prices and increasing disruptions from severe weather events as a…
Emily Roscoe
June 30, 2022

Island "Kelpventures"

Documenting Harvest Season for Maine's Favorite Sea Veggie
Kelp season seems to come all at once on the coast of Maine. In part due to the nature of the organism and its habitat, and in part due to the needs of kelp harvesters and processors, you can count on most farms being harvested within a couple of weeks in May and June.
Jack Sullivan
June 8, 2022

World Oceans Day 2022

Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean
On this World Oceans Day, we’re embracing the theme of Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean. We, along with our friends at Luke's Lobster, are spotlighting organizations—both ones we admire and ones we've partnered with—that are taking action for the ocean.
April 27, 2022

Federal Funds Could Mean More Sustainable Ferries

Maine State Ferry System has the potential to Receive Federal Infrastructure Bill Funding
Last fall, Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The bill includes more than 1 billion dollars for ferries. For Maine, with 15 year-round, unbridged island communities, six of whom are served by the state ferry service, this program should make us pay attention. Access to these funds would help ensure the affordability and sustainability of these vital vessels.
Lisa Millette, Community Development Officer
April 5, 2022

Partnering for Climate Solutions

New Grant to Advance Climate Planning for Three Island Communities
The Island Institute was recently awarded a contract through the Governor’s Office of Policy, Innovation and the Future (GOPIF) newly formed regional climate capacity initiative to support the islands of Monhegan, Chebeague, and Long in community-centered climate visioning processes. This exciting opportunity is the most recent example of our ongoing partnership with the state of Maine that aims to maximize local understanding, support, and ownership of climate action work plans.
Abby Roche, Community Development Officer at the Island Institute
April 1, 2022

Community, climate, and kelp

Our take on the Maine Aquaculture Roadmap and a sustainable future for our coast
Imagine it’s 2032. “Maine seafood” conjures up mouth-watering thoughts of lobster, oysters, and kelp. Waterways are cleaner, working waterfronts bustle with a diverse array of thriving businesses, and communities reap…
Brenna Cohen
March 31, 2022

Connecting communities and boosting local capacity

A Maine Broadband Coalition strategy to bring internet to all Mainers
The Island Institute has long recognized the power of statewide networks to support community development work in Maine’s small, rural, and resource constrained communities. In support of of our work…
Clara McCool, Sam Naumann, and Christa Thorpe