The Frenchboro students tend their basement garden this spring.
September 8, 2015

From school basement to sunny yard: starting a garden on Frenchboro

Island Fellow Luke Milardo worked with the Frenchboro school students to start a garden under grow lights this spring, then shared the seedlings with the whole community.
Maren Granstrom
Ben Algeo explains the eMonitor to Monhegan students during Energy Day in January
September 8, 2015

Monhegan CEAT Uses Classroom Education to Make a Real-World Impact

The Monhegan Community Energy Action Team (CEAT) was created to serve a simple purpose: help people in the community lower the cost and environmental impact of their energy use through education about energy efficiency and conservation, and renewable energy.
Ben Algeo
Long and Cliff Island students pose for a thermal camera photo during the Energy Day on Long Island.
August 25, 2015

Update: East Casco Bay CEAT

An update on the work going on with the East Casco Bay Community Energy Action Team (CEAT), one of five teams pioneering intergenerational education and leadership around energy issues in seven year-round island communities in Maine.
Erin Love
A cartoon from CJ
August 25, 2015

Update: Islesboro CEAT

We formed the Islesboro Community Energy Action Team back in January, 2015. Our team consists of CJ, a senior in high school and our cartoon artist extraordinaire; Tres, also a teenager, homeschooler and an expert seaman; Kendra, our fantastic Island Institute Fellow; and the two wise elders, Paula Mirk and Toby Martin. Islesboro is the long (it used to be called “Long Island”) narrow island just below Verona Island at the mouth of the Penobscot River. We have a year-round population of less than 1,000, and a summer population of more than 2,000.
Paula Mirk
From left: Brooks Winner
August 24, 2015

Welcome from the Community Energy Team

The Island Institute’s Community Energy Program supports island communities in reducing their energy costs and increasing the reliability and sustainability of island electricity and heating infrastructure.
Harry Podolsky
Internet-based learning
August 20, 2015

What's the deal with island internet?

I spoke with economic development associate Stephenie MacLagan about the importance of high speed internet access on Maine’s islands and what the Island Institute is doing to help.
Maren Granstrom
Island Institute staff in 2014
August 19, 2015

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the Island Institute’s blog. We’ll share interviews, photos, and stories from our staff, partners, and program participants about the issues facing our islands and coast and what we are doing to address them on a day-to-day basis. We’ll keep it informative and varied. Check back every week or so for new posts.
If you’re wondering about an aspect of our work, want to suggest a blog post, or have any comments, please contact us
Maren Granstrom