New Incentives for Charitable Giving

Most donors give from the heart. They support organizations they care about deeply and whose missions make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Very few donors are looking to have their names on a building or for a return on investment beyond the wonderful feeling that comes from helping others. Tax law changes in 2017 took away another motivation to give—a tax deduction for your charitable contributions. The good news: the tax incentives for giving are back (for most us)!

Addressing a problem with no clear, historical guidance for a solution

Owen Casas, town administrator for South Thomaston, is dealing with a problem with no clear, historical guidance for a solution. The problem is sea level rise. Island Road in South Thomaston is a critical route to the working waterfront, used daily by 115 lobster workers and 150 residents. As the seas continue to rise, Island Road is starting to flood during high tide and the problem is only getting worse. The solution is community-based climate action, and the Island Institute is guiding the way.